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Wait...why did you change the name of the group???

Updated: Jan 28

You might be wondering why the social media handles, website, and group name across all of our platforms has changed recently, and that is totally normal thing to question. The headline here is that #DCF1 is still very much alive and well, if not to say bigger and better than its ever been. We have so much love for the OG fans, supporters, partners and the friends we've made along the way. Nothing we have done, and none of the truly awesome stuff we have planned in 2024 could have happened without all of you. Seriously.

So why the name change? Essentially we have built a community, that at its root is cemented in F1. We all have a shared love that runs deep and wide in DC, and we have had a really great time fostering that passion. What we now know is there may come a day when some, or most of us want to branch out, see what Indy Car is like, follow F1 Academy (you really should), or maybe its finally time to bite the bullet an follow an F2 season from start to finish despite 4-5-6am race starts. The Dakar Rally, WEC, Le Mans, Moto GP, NASCAR (I know, I know), and so many other racing series are out there. At the end of the day, loving motorsport isn't just about F1, or any one racing series. #DCF1 will remain our core focus in all of this but if the time comes to add a series into the mix, we want to be ready to welcome you or anyone who loves going fast and drama filled racing. Our brand is still us, Niki and Zac. We haven't changed anything and if you didn't notice before reading this post, you're going to be just fine.

What we care about is hosting all of you in a space that lets you experience motorsport the best way possible. You'll see over the next few weeks our logos get updated, newsletters in your inbox, and some other small tweaks to our digital presence just to make sure things are uniform and in line with our vision. Please follow us on social media, on all the platforms you like to use, it really helps us keep everyone in our community up to date on events, and other important information. Check back here to see more of our long form thoughts and musings, if that interests you. We cant wait to get 2024 on track and see what incredible events we can organize this year. We did great in 2023, but we know we can do better. Watch this space.

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